Do You Need Your Floors Cleaned?

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We Offer a Quick-Dry Cleaning Service!

If you want your floors cleaned for an affordable price, and you want to see quick results, you’ll want to take advantage of our quick-dry floor cleaning process. We have invested in a new multi-wash scrubber machine that does a great job cleaning, and floors dry quickly! Contact us to learn more.

Do You Need Your Floors Cleaned?

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Here are a few things to know about our new multi-wash scrubber machine and quick-dry cleaning process:

  • We can clean carpets, and they dry within 60 minutes. Laminate/LPV floors dry instantly.
  • This machine doesn’t damage tile/laminate/LPV floors with water or steam.
  • The multi-wash scrubber is perfect for pollen season! It removes pollen tracked in from the outside, and you won’t need another cleaning until next year!
On another level than all other cleaning companies. Rick and his team take pride in their work and the end results are outstanding. Highly recommend, your office will be cleaner than ever before!
–Richard L.

This machine is great for cleaning all of your floors. If you want to know more about our quick-dry cleaning methods, contact us today!