Five Dos and Don’ts of Commercial Floor Cleaning

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Commercial floors are an investment in your business’s professionalism and appeal. A scuffed, scratched, and damaged floor sends a message to every customer about your company. Keep your floors protected and looking great by following the four dos and don’ts for commercial floor cleaning below.

Five Dos and Don’ts of Commercial Floor Cleaning

  1. Do prioritize regular cleaning and care. The easiest way to care for your commercial floors is through regular maintenance. Routine commercial floor cleaning is the best way to protect your floors and keep them spotless.
  2. Don’t treat all floors the same. Specific care must be given depending on the type of flooring in your workspace. Implementing the wrong care for hardwoods, tiles, or vinyl flooring can cause irreversible damage. Taking care to clean your floors according to their needs is well worth the effort.
  3. Do spot clean immediately. Leaving spills, tracked-in dirt, and other messes on your floors is not only unsightly, but it can also pose safety hazards if not promptly cleaned up. Immediately cleaning up messes can prevent stains and damage to the floors while also keeping walkways safe.
  4. Don’t use the wrong equipment and care products. It is important to know which cleaning equipment is right for your commercial floor type. Certain products are great for some flooring types, but can cause damage to others.
  5. Do trust your floor cleaning needs to professionals. You deserve to protect your investment by utilizing professional commercial floor cleaning services. These teams ensure they are treating your floors carefully while providing a professional clean.

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