Get Help With Everyday Cleaning

Hire a day porter janitorial service in Apex, Holly Springs & Cary, NC

There are many different aspects of proper office cleaning. Not only do you want to make your work areas clean and safe for your employees, but you want your building to be presentable and inviting to guests and customers. Evolved Cleaning Solutions can take care of the janitorial services you need in Apex, Holly Springs & Cary, NC.

Our day porter service covers a variety of cleaning services. We'll visit your office every day to get rid of trash, remove exterior debris, clean and restock bathrooms, clean out kitchens and conference rooms and perform general lobby maintenance like cleaning floors and furniture.

Team up with skilled janitorial cleaners to keep your office in tiptop shape. Contact us at 919-752-7887.

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Want a deeper cleaning?

Day porter services are great for keeping your office presentable every day. But if you want a more thorough cleaning, considering hiring our professional janitorial service. We'll clean your office from wall to wall, including:

  • Cleaning countertops, upholstery and grout
  • Wiping down entry doors
  • Disinfecting bathrooms
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Dusting surfaces
You can rest assured that your entire office will sparkle again. Get dedicated janitorial cleaners for your office by calling us today.